Chicken cubes with ham


Necessary ingredients:
– Kosiljak Ham Special 300 gr.
– Chicken legs x 4
– Kashkaval 300 gr.
– Eggs x 3
– Double cream x 1

Boil the legs, then cut them in fine pieces and place them in a baking try. Add oil and some pepper and salt. Place the previously cut ham and shredded kashkaval on top. Bake until the kashkaval has melted, then cover with whisked eggs and double cream and bake them until crispy. Then cut them into squares.


Bon Appetit!

Ray bread with mushrooms in olive oil


It’s time for breakfast!

– Ray bread
– Cream cheese
– Mushrooms fried in olive oil with Vegeta (mixture of spices) and oregano
– Kosiljak homemade bacon smoked on beech wood
– Lettuce

Fresh salad


Necessary ingredients:
-Kosiljak homemade bacon
– Lettuce
– Rucola
– Cherry tomatoes
– Peeled sunflower seeds
– Olive oil

Necessary ingredients for the dressing:
– Mayonnaise
– Lemon’s juice
– Spices (garlic powder and oregano)

For all those who love fresh salads!


Bon Appetit!

Pizza roulade made of phyllo


Necessary ingredients:
– 200 gr. of smoked tenderloin
– 7 readymade phyllos
– 2 eggs
– 1 sour cream
– 250 gr. kashkaval
– 250 gr. fresh mushrooms
– 2 dl ketchup
– 1 tablespoon of oil
– Oregano

Shred the kashkaval and cut the tenderloin in fine pieces. Fry the mushrooms on medium heat with one tablespoon oil and season with salt. Place the first ready-made phyllo and leave it empty. Place on top the second phyllo and smear on half of the ketchup, sprinkle some oregano.

Place the third phyllo and spread half of the shredded kashkaval on top. Place the fourth phyllo on top of it and spread the whole tenderloin evenly. Whisk the eggs with the sour cream and smear two thirds of the content on the fifth phyllo. Spread the mushrooms on the sixth phyllo. Place the last seventh phyllo and smear with the remaining half on the ketchup and half of the kashkaval. Wrap the phyllos into a roulade. Place the roulade into a pan covered with baking paper. At the end smear the roulade with the rest of the eggs and sour cream mixture and bake it in preheated oven (200 degrees) for 30 min. Serve right away.


Bon Appetit!

Sandwich with smoked tenderloin

It’s time for breakfast!


Tasty sandwich with:
– Smoked tenderloin
– Kashkaval
– Olives
– Mayonnaise
– Lettuce
– Rucola
– Cherry tomatoes

Bon Appétit!

Spinach and Ham Royal roulade


Necessary ingredients:
– Kosiljak Ham Royal
– 7 eggs
– 300 gr. spinach
– 500 gr. sour cream
– 200 gr. cheese
– 5 tablespoons flavour

Wash the spinach, steam it, drain the water and chop it. Place the chopped spinach in previously whisked mixture of 7 eggs, 5 tablespoons of flavor and 1 spoon of salt. Place the mixture into pan greased with oil and bake. Place the baked phyllo into a wet towel while you prepared the filling from sour cream and cheese. Then smear the phyllo with the filling and place the ham cut in thin circles. At the end roll the roulade carefully.


Bon Appetit!