Mozzarella sticks


Necessary ingredients:
– Kosiljak Hamburg bacon smoked on beech wood
– Mozzarella
– Feta cheese
– Tomato puree
– Eggs
– Flour
– Spices (oregano, garlic powder and chilli)
– Oil/Butter

Slice the mozzarella into sticks, sprinkle with flour and submerge into a dish with whisked egg and crushed feta and oregano. Place the mozzarella into a pan with preheated oil or melted butter and fry. It needs 2 to 3 min. to melt but not lose the form. Fry the bacon (until golden brown) and wrap the mozzarella with it. For a complete pleasure prepare a tomato sauce – Heat the tomato puree, add a few drops of olive oil, oregano and garlic powder. For those who are fans of spicy tastes, add some chilli powder.


Bon Appetit!